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Thursday, April 26, 2012

NMA backs striking Lagos doctors

The Chairman of the Lagos State Chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association,Dr.Temiye Edamisan, on Wednesday pledged the support of the NMA for the indefinite strike embarked upon by the striking doctors in the employ of the state.

Edamisan said the doctors would not face any disciplinary panel for participating in a legal strike.

“The doctors would not face any panel.We appeal to the Lagos State Government to retract the action of war and intimidation it has embarked upon.Any attempt to arrest,dismiss or humiliate any of our members will lead to actions that may spread beyond Lagos State.”

Edamisan also warned doctors to refuse any attempt by the state government to recruit them to replace the striking doctors.

He added, “Any doctor recruited to replace the ones Lagos State intends to sack will be sanctioned.

Your action would be interpreted as professional misconduct an offence punishable under the medical and Dental Council of Nigeria Act.”

He also said the leadership of the association had written to the state government requesting a meeting in order to resolve the crisis amicably.

Meanwhile, the state commissioner for health, Dr.Jide Idris has insisted that the striking doctors must face the disciplinary panel and also provide explanations to the queries issued to them.

Idris who spoke in Lagos on Wednesday noted that the doctors refusal to face the panel on Tuesday following queries issued to them for participating in a three-day-warning strike was a violation of the public service rule of the state.

He said, “You cannot fight your employers.If you are a civil servant you must adhere with the rules of the civil service.Discipline must be maintained.

“Doctors cannot wake up and say they are going on strike. If you are a civil servant, your employer deserves to know why you won’t come to work.”

Idris added that if the striking doctors did not reply the queries, they would open more avenues for other health workers to be embarking on strikes.

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